4 Argentina & Uruguay

We take a big jump northwest now, all the way to La Paz, the capital of. Baja Sud, California. We've been here before and know many snowbirds.

5 Baja Mexico

Over the Andes to Buenos Aires, city of the tango and machismo.  Then across the Platte river to Uruguay and an old beach-side resort and the Hotel Argentino.


We've been here before, and we revisit our favorite places. Costa Rica is a good jumping off point for our trip. It gets us used to "Latin America" gently

1 Costa Rica

My wife Tricia and I had been noodling about in the Caribbean and Costa Rica for several years. Now we decide to do the Grand Tour of Latin America

On to Santiago by plane and from there a drive up the coast to a scenic beachside town, La Serena. Then back to the big city.

3 Chile

We go to Lima and stay in a "hostel." No, not one for kids.  From there we wander around the city, seeing its sights and sampling its food

2 Peru

Hop, skip and jump
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