What Then? ... Politics

God, Religion

The isms

Can there be morals, and thus politics, without a God?  Yes.  I try to explain why and deal with politics over historical time, attempting to show why we have the politics we have. 

The early years.  Tracing my personal path through the religious forest.  Life at a Catholic grammar school.  Catechism and first doubts.

From dust to dust

If there is no God, at least none with human sensibilities, then what happens to us when we die?  I parse the several scenarios.

I briefly look at the important political systems of the past and present from tribalism all the way to individualism including feudalism, capitalism, globalism, socialism, fascism, and Islamism.  Where are we headed?

The tool box

What tools can we use to analyze macro politics?  Gearing up for a very long term look at history and the future.

There is a hardwired circuit in the human cerebrum that wants to find reasons for things. Why did the apple fall down? We'll call it gravity. Where did gravity come from?  Physics.  Where did physics come from?  God.  Where did God come from! 

Where did it come from?

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