The Big Ones: an Essay

Naperville Days: A Memoir
The two things one is advised never to speak about in polite company: religion and politics. I do so. Looking at old things with old eyes. Not for the faint of click.
What was it like to grow up in a small midwest town just west of Chicago in the nineteen forties? Different. A lot different.  

Design & Technology

Willi's Blog

Design concepts including Understanding Textual Language, personal multi-modal transport, directions in technology and comments on architecture.

Short day to day ruminations on politics, history, economics, travel and anything else that strikes my fancy. Looking at new things with old eyes..

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Travel and Food

Hanging conceptually from The Big Ones: brief essays On ... politics, history and culture; book reviews and other usually serious thoughts.

Places I've been, things I've seen, food I've enjoyed. A tour through Latin America, Europe and east. Stories and some favorite recipes.

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Pittsburgh Years: A Memoir
To Pittsburgh for a job in 1960, but only for a year. Fifty years later… still here.  Stories of what I found here, and how a boy, fitfully, grew to a man.