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About Me

My name is William Marshall Goetsch.I was born in 1934; obviously an old guy at this point in time.My family and friends have always called me Bill.However, when I was a boy, and my father was pleased with something I had done, he sometimes called me Will.That always made me feel good.Now, in my old age, when trying to come up with a title for this website, I still carried that fond recollection, and so, sentimentally, I named my site Williís Web.I think he would be pleased.Marshall was my motherís maiden name.I think she would be pleased as well.I was very fortunate in my choice of parents, though I have always harbored a slight resentment toward them for not having been consulted in the matter of my birth.Strange how that works.

When I was a boy I never liked school and so, willfully, I chose not to go to college when that opportunity presented itself (that was not as strange then as it might seem now).Nevertheless, I managed to have a career in engineering and then later in project management and finally in software development.Because I liked to read, and was good at just picking stuff up, I managed to make a living while learning just those things I was interested in and skipping all those things that bored me.I have been retired since 1998.

The notion of starting a web site and doing some writing was largely just to have something interesting to do in retirement and to keep me out of bars.I have been partially successful.Yet I suppose that I have also made this website so that my three daughters would have some recollection of the old man when they get yet older.I know I wish I had known more about my parents.It might also interest some of my friends and acquaintances.If you care to know more about me personally you can read, from the homepage, Naperville Days, a memoir of my boyhood and, for a more analytical take, The Big Ones, an essay about religion and politics.You will then certainly know just about all you care to know about me, and perhaps somewhat more.

About the site

I have been fortunate enough to have done quite a bit of traveling, both for work and for pleasure.And, during my career in engineering I met a number of people from other countries who piqued my interest both in their countries and in their politics.As a consequence I have written here a travel section that describes some of my wanderings, on occasion to the places of their origin.This section also includes some writing about food.When I was about 40, for reasons I cannot remember, I decided to learn how to cook.This was one of the most brilliant decisions I have ever made in my life and it has given me great pleasure (though my two oldest children will probably not remember it fondly because they were made to wash the mountain of dishes and pans that I used so creatively when I first began).Anyway, in the travel section I include some commentary on food, not anything fancy, just the stuff that I like best.

When I was young my father felt that I should be a ďdesignerĒ.Precisely what this meant I was not then sure.Later I figured out that largely what he meant was that he liked being a designer.In spite of this parental nudge, which usually put my hackles up, design has always interested me. This interest has led me to include in the website a section on design and technology, mostly, but not exclusively, software design.

Late in my life I became more interested in politics. I have come to think that this interest ordinarily only heats up when you get older, why Iím not exactly sure.In any case I have commented on some of the day-to-day political machinations that interest me in a blog, Williís Blog, that you can reach through its link on my homepage.I found it to be quite a useful writing exercise: trying to be coherent within a fixed number of words and under a self-imposed deadline of an hour (which I rarely achieved).

When I first began writing for the site I viewed it as though writing a book, polishing it and polishing it some more.The unintended consequence was that it never got done.(Bars might have had something to do with that as well.)But then, in one of those light-bulb-over-the-head moments, I realized that modern technology meant that this was not going to the printer to be bound once and for all, and that I could play with it online until I croaked.That set me loose but consequently you might click some things that look like they ought to be a link and not get anywhere.Thatís because Iím not done yet.

I hope you enjoy what you see.




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