On nearly every page you will find some combination of these four basic navigation tools:


Go to the WillyWeb home page

Go up to the table of contents for this section

Go to the previous page in this section

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There are also many links in the text content, which are clearly marked.  Many of the graphics also are links.  These are not necessarily marked.  Just run the pointer over them and you may discover additional information.


As for the music, sometimes I find music enhancing, other times I find it distracting.  So just about everywhere that I’ve put music I have provided a control with which you can turn it off if you don’t like it.  The control is ordinarily somewhere near the upper left hand corner of the page.  Usually the music will play only once.  If you like you can use the control to play it again.

The site contains quite a bit of music.  Nearly all of it is played using the windows media player, since it comes with Microsoft Windows.  If for some reason you don’t you can download it from here.

There is one place in the travel section (Argentina) where Real Player is required.  I liked this particular music so much I decided to put it in even though it will only use that player.  You can download this software, if you don’t have it already, from here.  They try to get you to buy one, but the free one works fine unless you want some of the special features in the for-pay one.

Problems with pictures

Probably what you’re experiencing is that “slide shows” are not working.  Slide shows rotate different pictures in and out of the same frame.  In order to use this feature you have to have JavaScript on your computer.  It used to come standard with Microsoft Windows, but it no longer does with newer versions of the operating system.  The consequence of this is that with older versions of the operating system you’ll probably not have this problem, but with newer ones you may.  In that case you need to download a copy of the scripting language.  You can do that here.

Connection speed

In experimenting with techniques for building a web site, I have, in addition to the text, used quite a lot of pictures, music, and even some video.  The downside of this is that unless you have a reasonably fast Internet connection, certain pages will be slow to load.

Contacting me

Someday I want to have a feature called a “guestbook” where people can leave comments.  But I don’t have it yet.  So for now, if you have a comment on the site, you can e-mail me using the email icon here or on the upper right of the homepage.